Running a successful business requires a lot of marketing effort. Your products need to catch the attentions of potential customers'

But most of the time, you end up spending thousands of dollars on Google or Facebook Ads without reaching the "right customers."

Right customers, are people who are already searching for things they are ready to spend.

Why advertise with us

Our platform has attracted more than 1,000,000 pageviews in 2019 alone.

Thousands of Malaysians reach our site every hour when they search for foods and restaurants online.

We believe we can help bridge the gaps between your business and the customers.

Here are some good reason to advertise with us:

  • ~80,000 pageviews/month and growing
  • Laser targeted consumers who are ready to spend
  • Our platform is fast and secure; Faster sites means better conversion

Interested? We have put together the details below:

Site Wide Advertisement

If you need something quick and effective for your last minute promotion, the site-wide advertisement unit gets the most exposure on our platform.

It is placed "above the fold", across all our article pages.

Due to its premium location, this advertisement unit is limited to 4 slots per month.

It is the first thing our user will see when they land on our pages for useful information.

This is how it looks like, Live.

Chubby Wawa

Send a premium hand-curated baby clothes and accessories giftbox. πŸ‘ΆπŸ»

The advertisement unit is custom-made to be extremely flexible and effective in terms of conversion.

For site wide placement, you get:

  • Ad-placement that goes on top of all our articles for one full week
  • Direct Reach to our users who are ready to spend (~80,000+ pageviews/month and growing)
  • A direct link to your Social Media Page/ Website/Promo Page

Contact us directly for available timeslot as the placement is limited to 4 slots per month.

Sponsored Post

Sponsored posts goes everywhere and get a lot of engagements.

Apart from that, our articles also receive a lot of organic search traffics (users who are ready to spend).

For a sponsored post, you get:

  • An article that goes right on the homepage like all other normal posts and live on our site forever (~80,000+ pageviews/month and growing)
  • An opportunity to continue reaching more people as we grow
  • The post goes out to our Feeds which quickly distributes to multiple channels
  • It also get automatically shared across our networks of Facebook pages

Interested? β€”Β» Drop us a message

Advertising Policy

We only allow advertisement for things that we personally approve of.

Things that we either have used, would use or would recommend to others.