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Are you targeting the right customers online?

Honestly, how much have you spent on Facebook or Google ads without getting any sales for your business?

Successful business requires a lot of marketing efforts.

Your business needs to gain trust; The products need to catch attentions.

But most of the time, you end up spending a few thousand ringgits on Facebook Ads without reaching the "right customers."

You're doing it all wrong.

You're spending thousands of ringgit to buy likes on social media, but they are not the people who are ready to spend money.

More Facebook likes does not mean more business.

Right customers, are the people who are already searching for things they want to spend on.

You may think that online marketing is not important if you run your business offline, in a physical store.

The market is very different today.

People are searching for more than 66 millions times every month on Google for things like "XYZ food near me", "what to eat for lunch", "XYZ business operating hour" just in Malaysia alone.

And here are the interesting facts:

Why advertise with us

Thousands of Malaysians reach our site every hour when they search for foods and restaurants online.

— And they are ready to spend.

We have attracted more than 1,000,000 pageviews in 2019 alone.

We believe we can be the bridge between your business and the customers.

Here are some important facts on why you should advertise with us:

  • Our users are ready to spend money
  • ~80,000 pageviews/month and growing
  • We share quality contents with our users so they can trust us
  • Our users are more likely to trust your business when it is recommended by us
  • Our platform is fast and secure; Faster, secure sites has better customer conversion


We have put together some details below:

Sponsored Post

Sponsored posts goes everywhere and get a lot of engagements on our platforms.

For a sponsored post, you get:

  • An article that goes right on the homepage like all other normal posts and live on our site forever (~80,000+ pageviews/month and growing)
  • We help you provide accurate business information to your current and future customers
  • Your business continue to gain benefits and exposures as we optimize and grow our platforms
  • We do all the marketing works for you as our platform continue to grow
  • The post goes out to our broadcast which quickly distributes to multiple channels
  • It also get automatically shared across our networks of social media pages

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Advertising Policy

We only allow advertisement for things that we personally approve of.

Things that we either have used, would use or would recommend to our users.