Ah Wang Cafe at Tanjung Tokong

Time for some traditional kaya butter toast and Hainanese coffee

Ah Wang Cafe at Tanjung Tokong, Penang - @taycs94

Kaya butter toast and a cup of traditionally brewed Hainanese coffee has always been a heaven-made match. Ah Wang cafe make both of these even better together for your afternoon tea.

You probably didn't know much about this real hidden gem tucked away in an unobvious food court, surrounded by low cost government flats around the Tanjung Tokong area.

Ah Wang Cafe has been around for decades, and there's no fancy menus — just toasts, coffee and runny eggs in a cup.

Roti Bakar and Hainanese Coffee

If you're craving for some really good kaya and butter toast, or a cup of traditionally brewed Hainanese coffee, this is a place not to miss.

Hainanese Coffee and Kaya Toast
Hainanese Coffee and Kaya Toast - @nicole_lsx

What they are really well-known for, is their home-made kaya (coconut jam), sandwiched between two slices of benggali toast.

The toast usually comes with a balanced spread of butter mix with kaya, or more well known as the "roti kahwin". It is best savored by dipping into a cup of hot coffee or half-boiled eggs.

Eggs on Toast
Eggs on Toast - @yoonlim_wong

There is also another way to enjoy this well known Hainanese coffee and toast combo, the eggs on toast set along with a cup of Iced coffee (if you prefer the iced version).

If you ended up liking their coconut jam (kaya) just like we did, they do sell them in cans that you can bring home.

This place is better suited for afternoon tea-time fix as they only starts serving from the noon (12:30pm onwards)

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Ah Wang Cafe

Contact: +604-8982318

Hours: Opens 12:30pm - 6pm daily, close on Sunday

Address: J-6 Gerai Uda Flat Uda Fasa 3 10470 Tanjung Tokong Penang

Rating: 4/5Price: $$

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