Apom Chooi at Burma Road

Did you know that he's the elder brother of Apom Guan?

Apom Chooi at Burma Road

Located along Burma Road in Penang, Apom Chooi, the elder brother to Apom Guan, is one of the pioneer for Penang Apom Balik.

Apom Chooi at Burma Road
Apom Chooi at Burma Road - credit: @timeoutpenang

Apom Chooi

Contact: +6014-3256323

Operating Hours: Opens daily 10am - 6pm, close on Monday

Address: Jalan Burma 10050 George Town Penang (Right in front of Flavor Food Hot Pot)

Facebook: Apom Chooi

Apom Balik, also called as Appam/Apam Balik is a type of pancake with influence from the Chinese and Malay elements.

Apom Balik is cooked in a specially made copper pan that usually has about 9 holes on it.

The batter is made of simple ingredients using coconut milk, shredded coconut, sugar, eggs and rice milk.

The secrets lies in the way of how apom is cooked. It has to be cooked just right, and comes out with bubbly fluffy texture.

Half way through the cooking, each of these bite size pancakes are added with slices of ripen Pisang Raja (a type of banana) and spoonful of sweet corns.

The pancake are then quickly folded in half and left on a tray to cool off a little before packing.

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Photo credit: Apom Chooi Facebook