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Kim Laksa in Balik Pulau

It also goes really well with spring rolls!

Kim Laksa at Nan Guang Coffee Shop, Balik Pulau, Penang - @jamsandberries

Kim Laksa located at Nan Guang Kopitiam (in Balik Pulau) offers both Penang Asam Laksa and Siam Laksa. The broth here has more fish flakes than what we will normally get. It also tasted less spicy and more sourish.

Other than the iconic Penang Asam Laksa, this stall in Balik Pulau also offers Siam Laksa.

Siam Laksa is a similar version of Asam Laksa; with the difference in its richer, creamier broth, enhanced by the additions of coconut milk and fried spices.

The soup here is thick and tangy.

Balik Pulau Laksa

Kim Laksa at Balik Pulau
Siam Laksa at Kim, Balik Pulau

The broth has more fish flakes than what we normally get.

This is probably why Kim Laksa is favoured by many from far and near.

It also tasted more sour and less spicy, though you can ask for extra chilis if you prefer it spicier.

Dipping fried spring rolls into the laksa broth is another unique way of how Penangites enjoys their laksa.

Balik Pulau Laksa

Contact: +6017-4464959

Hours: Opens daily 1am - 5pm, close on alternate Mondays and every Tuesday

Address: 67 Main Road Balik Pulau 11000 Balik Pulau Penang

Facebook: Balik Pulau Laksa

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