Breakfast From the Barn at Pallet Garden Cafe

Their lamb sausages are surprisingly good, and so are those crispy bacons! 😍

Nice western breakfast in Penang doesn't have to always come with hefty price tags. We found this breakfast stall hidden inside The Shark food court that serves some pretty decent breakfast with affordable price tags; you also get to customize your breakfast!

Business Moved: Breakfast from The Barn has moved to the Pallet Garden Cafe at 89 Carnavon Street.

Bacons! Bacons! Bacons! 😍

Who'd say no to those crispy bacons?!

This breakfast stall run by a group of passionate youngsters, hidden inside The Shark food court has some playful names on their menu.

Big Lolli Pork, Cow on Me, Cuckoo Bird, and a Piece of Sheep, pick one!

But we guess you'll probably know what comes with the breakfast!

And if you really don't, they're doing a pretty good job guiding you about their menu.

King's Breakfast from The Barn - @calvin_tang94
King's Breakfast from The Barn - @calvin_tang94

If you want to try everything on their menu, The King's breakfast set is what we recommend.

It comes with all types of sausages on their menu (chicken, beef, lamb), two sunny side up, bacons, hash browns, breads and greens.

In fact, we think this plate is enough to serve for two person if both of you are not a big eaters but want to try every good bits they have to offer.

Breakfast from The Barn - @sooxhyeon
Breakfast from The Barn - @sooxhyeon

Note: There are ample of parking spaces around this food court. Do expect some waiting time as they get quite popular these days.

So, go check it and tell us what you think?

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Breakfast From the Barn

Contact: +6016-4127665

Hours: Open daily 7:30am - 2pm, Close on Monday

Address: 89 Lebuh Carnarvon 10100 George Town Penang

Facebook: Breakfast From the Barn

Rating: 3/5Price: $$

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Cover photo: @nicole_lsx

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