Daorae Korean BBQ at Tanjong Tokong

We find this to be the most authentic Korean BBQ you can get in Penang

The Korean restaurant has recently underwent renovation; you no longer have to take the floor seating as some may find it inconvenient and greasy at times. The food quality remained as authentic as you’d get in Korea.

2005 sets the humble beginning of Daorae, the year which Mr Yoon Sun Kyu launched his third business venture that soon sets off the Korean Wave in Malaysian dining scenes.

Daorae Tanjung Bunga
Daorae Korean BBQ Tanjung Tokong, Penang

After another three years into the business, Daorae opened the door of their largest outlet in Malaysia along Tanjung Tokong, Penang. (measuring 10,000 square foot that can accommodates up to 300 diners)

Ever since then, the brand has grown become the largest Korean Restaurant chain in Malaysia.

Fun Fact: Daorae has around 15 outlets throughout Malaysia, with 3 outlets in Penang alone; Daorae Tanjung Tokong is their largest outlet, also the most popular ones.

With that many outlets, they get to "bulk-order" their premium meats at lower cost and thus pass down the savings into affordable price tags for us, the Penang Foodies.

K-Pop Singer PSY (Oppa Gangnam anyone?) came here during his visit to Penang.

While being in business for 11 years on our little island, Daorae has always kept us coming back for over hundreds of visits.

Daorae Korean Barbecue Restaurant
Dining at Daorae Korean Bbq Restaurant - @vincent_0ng7

We love the generous hospitality and top notch services they have provided us throughout the years.

To be honest, we may have visited several other Korean establishments around Malaysia; but we have yet to find any that matches the welcoming experience we received in Daorae.

The word 'Daorae' means "Welcome everyone" in Korean; and they have certainly delivered to that promise.

Not only do you get unlimited refills for tea and 9 types of banchan (side dishes), the restaurant often serves up additional free pancakes and fruits to their diners.

Korean Banchan and Grilled Meat, Penang

We often find ourselves over-eating even when we have only ordered 1-2 main dishes.

The food quality and portions also do justify the price tags (if not undervalued).

As many may not know, most barbecue lovers prefer their grilled meats to be non-marinated or lightly marinated to truly enjoy its flavors.

Grilled Pork Belly at Daorae
Grilled Pork Belly at Daorae - @johntkh76

Without the help of marinades or sauces, the meats has to be premium high quality to truly deliver that juiciness experience.

So the next time if your friends are complaining, unlimited tea and banchan refills, premium high quality meats man-grilled in front of you, how can that be expensive at all?

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Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant

Contact: +6014-8913616

Hours: Open daily 11:30am - 3pm, 5:30pm to 11pm

Address: 104 Jalan Tanjung Tokong 11200 Penang

Rating: 4.8/5Price: $$$

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Cover photo: @christineoly

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