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Hong Kee Bamboo Wantan Mee at Campbell Street

This is a MUST EAT place in Penang if you're craving for a good bowl of Wantan Mee!

Hong Kee Bamboo Wantan Mee at Campbell Street, Georgetown, Penang - @clcbakmiclub

Hong Kee Wantan Mee is quite well-known throughout Penang island. When it comes to an insanely good bowl of Cantonese noodle dish, the people at Hong Kee are very serious about the quality. The 弹牙-ness (springiness) of this Hong Kong style bamboo-pressed egg noodles has been taken to a whole new level.

You'll be greeted by their worker see-sawing up and down with a bamboo when you enter this restaurant.

That is the traditional bamboo-pressed method Hong Kee use to make their very bouncy egg noodles.

Hong Kee Dry Wantan Mee
Hong Kee BBQ Pork and Shrimp Wantan Mee - @brax1491

The result, is a bowl of goodness that basically bounces between your teeth on every bite.

Mix it well with the accompanying dressing and gigantic wantan (dumplings), you have yourself an extremely satisfying meal.

We really love the generous amount of coarsely chopped shrimps and meat filling in their dumpling soup.

The soup by itself is sweet; while the dumplings 'oozes' out more of that sweet and juiciness on every bite brings you to the top of heaven.

If you're looking for a must eat Wantan Mee in Penang, this is the place that won't disappoint!

Hong Kee Bamboo Wantan Mee (鴻記竹昇雲吞面)

Contact: +604-2619875

Hours: Open daily 8:30am - 10pm, Close on Wednesday

Address: 37 Campbell Street 10100 George Town Penang

Facebook: Hong Kee Bamboo Wantan Mee (鴻記竹昇雲吞面)

Website: Hong Kee Bamboo Wantan Mee (鴻記竹昇雲吞面)

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