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Hot Bowl White Curry Mee at Rangoon Road

The Hainanese poached chicken are extremely tender and juicy!

Hot Bowl White Curry Mee at Rangoon Road, Penang - @andychingho

Located along Ragoon Road, the Hot Bowl White Curry Mee is known to many as one of the best curry mee in Penang island. And we definitely won't deny that. If you're a hardcore fan of spicy food, you will find yourself coming back here pretty often.

Hot Bowl has been attracting locals and foreigners alike with its signature white curry mee.

Despite limited parking space in this area, the crowds have not been slowing down.

If you're a hardcore fan of spicy curry mee, this is definitely a place you won't want to miss.

Hot Bowl White Curry Mee

Unlike other curry mee in Penang, Hot Bowl's curry mee has a lighter and clearer appearance as their soup is prepared with less coconut milk.

You can order the curry mee with regular ingredient or choose to have extra addons as per their menu options.

On every table, there's a container filled with their signature chili paste.

Adding the chili will not only thickens the soup, but also enhances the overall flavour, spicing things up further for you.

Hot Bowl White Curry Mee at Ragoon Road
Hot Bowl White Curry Mee - @\_ponpeko\_

Beside curry mee, the Hainanese poached chicken is another must have while you're here.

The meats are extremely smooth, tender and juicy.

It comes served on a bed of cucumber slices, topped with soy sauce gravy, sesame oil, as well as spring onions.

p/s:We recommend complimenting it with a plate of blanched beansprouts!

Hot Bowl White Curry Mee

Contact: +604-2273168

Hours: Opens daily 8am - 3pm, close on Monday

Address: 58 Jalan Rangoon 10400 Georgetown Penang

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