Joo Leong Cafe at Sungai Tiram

Morning or evening, they are equally nice!

Whether you're catching a flight in the morning or evening, this is a place we recommend you to stop by, for their eggs and toast and for their seafood noodles and porridge!

If you happen to catch a flight either in the morning or evening, you are sure to pass by this coffee shop along the way to Penang International Airport (it's along Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah).

Joo Leong Cafe has been around for ages.

This is one of the coffee shop that many penangites will frequent even if they are not catching a flight.

Joo Leong Cafe in the Morning

In the morning, they start serving as early as 7:00am. Many will stop by this coffee shop within minutes soon as they are open.

Joo Leong Cafe Roti Bakar
Joo Leong Cafe Roti Bakar - @kuanee

Order a set of their famous butter toast and half-boiled eggs to dip in.

And if you're not into toast for that morning, there are also some traditional fried noodles with bee hoon and nasi lemak packed with brown wrapping papers.

P/s: We especially like the ikan bilis nasi lemak, which finishes quickly.

So, what people normally do after getting a seat here, is to ask around the neighbouring tables if the ikan bilis nasi lemak is taken; if it is not, then you should quickly grab what you need.

Joo Leong Cafe in the Evening

Joo Leong Cafe Seafood Noodles & Porridge
Seafood Noodles - @nicole_lsx

In the evening, the coffee shop transforms into selling seafood noodles and porridge that comes with rich, thick flavorful broth.

You get to choose your addons of seafoods ranging from big fresh tiger prawns, fresh/fried fish meats, octopus to even frog meats, quail eggs.

Joo Leong Cafe Seafood Noodles & Porridge
Seafood Noodles - @suki_sukiie

If you like tummy soothing, warm flavorful seafood broth in the evening, this is a place not to miss!

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Joo Leong Cafe (裕隆茶室)

Contact: +6012-4237894

Hours: Opens daily 7am - 11:30am, 6pm - 10pm, close on Monday

Address: 179-H Sungai Tiram 11900 Bayan Lepas Penang

Rating: 4/5Price: $$

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Cover photo: @bread_lily

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