The Lighthouse Cafe at Penang Road

You're getting not only free flow ice creams and salad, but also contributing to good causes

This ever busy social enterprise located inside St. Joseph's Church at Penang Road donates part of their proceeds to charity. The cafe serves a great variety of Chinese stir-fry and western dishes

It usually gets really busy during lunch hours catering to the nearby working crowds; for the inexpensive yet generous portion of servings.

There's also huge options from Chinese stir-fry dishes, western foods, noodles, and chicken pies.

Pizza, Free flow ice cream and salad

You get unlimited refills of salad and ice creams when you order any main dish at this cafe.

The fillings for the chicken pie were very generous; the chicken chop also came in larger portion than anticipated.

Chinese Dishes
Chinese dishes - @leeqin

Rice dishes with options for meats, chickens, and eggs are definitely the go-to for those who are looking for more comforting, fulfilling meals.

We are really delighted with the generous portion of foods they serve here; but it also mean that we are less likely to have enough space for the room ice creams.

Hailam Char

If you're having those days where you only wanted to have a plate of warm gravy-drenched noodles, the popular Hailam Char is one of their popular dish that you will enjoy.

The flavors were on point and it reminds us of the Singapore version of Hokkien Mee minus the calamansi.

The noodle dishes comes with loads of ingredients. Shrimps, pork slices, vegetables, and lots of fried pork lard.

For eggier option, try the Char Hor Fun, which is also recommended in case you're already planning another visit more often in the future.

While the gigantic portion of comforting foods, free flow ice creams are great; the feelings of contributing to good causes makes us feel even better!

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The Lighthouse Cafe

Contact: +6011-5245890

Hours: Open daily 11am - 2:30pm, 5:30pm - 9pm, Closed on Tuesday

Address: 52A Penang Road 10000 Georgetown Penang

Facebook: The Lighthouse Cafe

Rating: 3.9/5Price: $$

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Cover photo: @TLCPEN

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