Old Green House Hokkien Mee at Burma Road

Rich, sweet and spicy prawn broth with a lot of addons to go with.

Ask any Penangites, most of them will recommend you to check out the Old Green House Hokkien Mee. That bowl of spicy sweet prawn broth will help you remember how Penang tasted like.

This hokkien mee stall in Penang is known to many as the late night supper hot spot.

Penang Green House Prawn Noodle
Old Green House Hokkien Mee - @pocosam

Not only do you get to enjoy a bowl of hot, spicy prawn broth noodles; you also get to customize the ingredients / toppings to your liking.

Apart from that, if you're not a rice vermicelli and yellow noodle person, there are also options for instant noodles (maggie mee) or koay teow (flat rice noodles) to choose from.

Green House Hokkien Mee, Burma Road Penang
Green House Hokkien Mee with addons - @suifen33

The extra add-ons probably needs no introductions. We especially like the flavourful pork ribs and roasted pork belly.

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Old Green House Hokkien Mee (老青屋虾面)

Contact: +6016-4211717

Hours: Open daily 6pm - 2:30am, Close on Sunday

Address: 223 Jalan Burma 10050 George Town Penang

Rating: 3/5Price: $$$$

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Cover photo: @nigelsia_vs

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