Best Curry Mee in Penang

Coconut milk, chili paste, and the sweetness from the broth truly represents its name.

5 Must Eat Curry Mee in Penang - @shiweii

Thanks to the multicultural of Malaysia, the delicious Penang Curry Mee is the end result combined from multiple influences. Spicy, Sweet, and Creamy; This is a dish that manage to capture the hearts of many locals and tourists from nearby countries.

When we mention Penang Curry Mee, we know many of you spicy food lovers would start drooling.

Despite the many stalls that offer curry mee in Penang; we find that many did not came up to our expectations, especially when it comes to the taste that a bowl of good curry mee should have (solely based on our opinions)

So we've been scouring around Penang to find what we think is the best bowl of curry mee so we could share them with you.

Here's the list of places we have found so far, let's get started!

Note: List is in no particular order; we will continue to update this post when we found something worth mentioning to you.

Best Curry Mee in Penang

  1. Curry Mee at New Cathay Kopitiam

    The broth from this stall is very on point if you're craving for a bowl of curry mee that is done just right in every aspects. It is sweet, creamy, rich but not overly done. Couple it with the garnishes, chili paste, and you'll have a very satisfied tummy.

    Editor's note: They are also known as the Lorong Kuching Curry Mee by the locals

    New Cathay Curry Mee

    Contact: +6016-4521378

    Hours: Open daily 7am - 2:30pm, Close on Sunday

    Address: 425 Jalan Burma 10350 George Town Penang

    Rating: 3/5Price: $$

  2. Duck Blood Curry Mee at Burma Road

    You can hardly find duck blood curry mee stall in Penang; let alone one that tastes good. This is one of the well-known stall from past couple of years during our visits.

    Editor's note: You might want to be careful with the chili, it's really spicy!

    Duck Blood Curry Mee

    Contact: +6012-4382149

    Hours: Open daily 6pm - 1am, Close on Thursday

    Address: 223-B Jalan Burma 10050 George Town Penang

    Facebook: Duck Blood Curry Mee

    Rating: 3/5Price: $$$

  3. Hot Bowl White Curry Mee at Rangoon Road

    Located along Ragoon Road, the Hot Bowl White Curry Mee is known to many as one of the best curry mee in Penang island. And we definitely won't deny that. If you're a hardcore fan of spicy food, you will find yourself coming back here pretty often.

    Editor's note: The Hainanese poached chicken are extremely tender and juicy!

    Hot Bowl White Curry Mee

    Contact: +604-2273168

    Hours: Opens daily 8am - 3pm, close on Monday

    Address: 58 Jalan Rangoon 10400 Georgetown Penang

    Rating: 4/5Price: $$$$

  4. Curry Mee at Lorong Seratus Tahun

    Being in business for almost 60 years, this stall definitely knows how to craft a great bowl of curry mee. Unlike other curry mee stall, you won't find much flavours from the plain soup; as there were very little coconut milk used. But it'll be a different story once you start adding in their signature chili paste.

    Editor's note: The star here is actually the dark colored chili paste

    Lorong Seratus Tahun Curry Mee (百年路咖喱麵)

    Contact: +6016-4448881

    Hours: Open daily 7:30am - 2:30pm, Close on Thursday

    Address: Lorong Seratus Tahun 10400 George Town Penang

    Website: Lorong Seratus Tahun Curry Mee (百年路咖喱麵)

    Rating: 3/5Price: $$$

  5. Sister Curry Mee at Air Itam

    The well-known Sister Curry Mee from Air Itam market has been selling for over 70 years. Their stall is located slightly right after the Ayer Itam Bridge, a side road leading to the Chinese Methodist Church.

    Editor's note: Ask for the extra chili cuttle fish!

    Sister Curry Mee

    Contact: +6012-4108152

    Hours: Open daily 7:30am - 1pm, Close on Tuesday

    Address: 612 T Jalan Air Itam 11500 Ayer Itam Penang

    Facebook: Sister Curry Mee

    Rating: 4/5Price: $$

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