Prawn Fritters & Lor Bak at Tan Jetty

One of the best lor bak and prawn fritters in town!

Prawn Fritters & Lor Bak at Tan Jetty

You can't come to Weld Quay without checking out this prawn fritters and loh bak stall. Located at Tan Jetty, the well-known two decades old Tan Jetty Loh Bak stall prepare their fried treats fresh daily, on the spot.

Tan Jetty Loh Bak
Tan Jetty Loh Bak - credit: @geniemikaelson

Tan Jetty Loh Bak

Contact: +6016-4520637

Operating Hours: Open daily 8am - 6pm

Address: 90-A Pengkalan Weld 10300 George Town Penang

Lor Bak, which sometimes also called as ‘Ngo Hiang’ (five spices) or Loh Bak, is a Hokkien - Teochew dish widely adopted in Malaysia and Singapore. The dish is said to be originated from eastern China.

It is made of minced pork marinated with five-spice powder (五香粉), rolled in a thin soybean sheet before being deep-fried.

Generally, Lor Bak is served with a small bowl of ‘Lor’ (a broth thickened with corn starch and beaten eggs) and chili sauce.

In certain states of Malaysia, other than serving the rolls as individual pieces; the stalls also offer wide variety of other deep fried options like chinese sausages, spring rolls, fish cakes, century eggs, beancurds, fish balls, prawn fritters along with some cucumber slices.

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Photo credit: @kennnnn55