Tang Xi Prawn Curry at Siam Road

Minced Pork Noodles and toast breakfast

Tang Xi Prawn Curry at Siam Road

Besides their signature curry prawn, this coffee shop at Siam Road serve traditional Penang breakfast like charcoal toasted bread with half boiled eggs, minced pork noodle soup.

Tang Xi Coffee Shop is located right beside the famous Siam Road CKT.

The signature dish of this place is like their name says curry prawn.

Tang Xi Curry Prawn, Penang
Signature Curry Prawn at Tang Xi Coffee Shop, Siam Road

Which can sometimes go as BIG as this:

Tang Xi Prawn Curry, Siam Road
Seasonal Large Prawn at Tang Xi Prawn Curry

Besides prawn curry, there are also choices for cooked to order noodle soup if you prefer.

Tang Xi Coffee Shop - Clear Soup Noodle
Clear Soup Noodle - credit: @tangxiprawncurry

The menu is available during breakfast and lunch hours; ranging from curry to clear soup noodles.

Tang Xi Prawn Curry - Dry Noodle with Prawn and Eggs
Noodle with Additional Prawn - credit: @tangxiprawncurry

Choices starts with a base price for basic ingredients and options for add on like homemade fishball, minced pork, and XL prawns are available with additional price.

Tang Xi Curry Soup Noodle at Siam Road
Curry Soup Noodle with extra Prawn - credit: @tangxiprawncurry
Tang Xi Prawn Curry Charcoal Toasted Bread in Penang
Charcoal Toasted Bread - credit: @tangxiprawncurry

If you’re not up for heavy breakfast in the morning, there’s also charcoal toasted bread with half boiled egg set.

Tang Xi Special, Siam Road, Penang
Tang Xi Special - credit: @tangxicurryprawn

Tang Xi Prawn Curry (唐禧茶室)

Contact: +6017-8677168

Operating Hours: Open daily 7:30am - 2:30pm, Close on Monday

Address: 84 Jalan Siam George Town 10400 Penang

Facebook: Tang Xi Prawn Curry (唐禧茶室)

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Photo credit: @tangxiprawncurry