Village Fish Head Bee Hoon at Weld Quay

Nothing beats a warm bowl of fish soup noodles

Village Fish Head Bee Hoon at Weld Quay

Be it rain or shine, a hearty bowl of milky soup noodle will always make your day better. And hey! If you like sour and spicy, their tom yam soup bee hoon is not to miss!

This place is one of Penangite’s favorite spot when it comes to piping hot spicy sour seafood soup noodle and the clear fish soup bee hoon.

Village Fish Head Bee Hoon Soup

The business starts operating from 12pm everyday except on the 1st and 15th of Chinese Lunar calendar (if it falls on the weekdays). Although it is usually packed, they do have plenty of tables to accommodate.

What you do when you arrive at this place is to first look for a seat, get your table number, then head over to the friendly boss lady.

Village Tomyam Fish Head Bee Hoon
Tomyam Maggie - credit: thepetiteasianfoodie

Their bowls of noodles starts from a basic price, then add on whatever you prefer (recommended: fresh fish slices), choose a soup base (tomyam or clear soup) and types of noodle or congee to you liking.

Both the thick broth soup and well-balanced spicy sour tomyam are equally good and tasty. Usually we also ask for extra minced meat in the soup.

You can also add more flavors with the fried garlic available free on each tables.

Village Fish Head Bee Hoon Soup
Village Fish Head Bee Hoon Soup - credit: @foodandphotographyandscenery

And like we said, it is usually quite packed with people, especially during lunch and dinner hours.

So while waiting for your hot tasty bowls to be served, we also recommend you to try out their crispy deep fried ‘Shua Zui’ (small fish).

Village Fish Head Noodle (乡下鱼头米粉)

Contact: +6012-4778867

Operating Hours: Opens 12pm - 1130pm daily, close on the 1st and 15th of Chinese Lunar Calendar if it falls on weekdays

Address: 107A Pengkalan Weld 10300 Penang

Heads up! When it comes to food and experience, opinions varies from person to person. So please take ours with a pinch of salt.

Photo credit: @vincent5155