Weng Kei Wantan Mee at Carnarvon Street

Ask for slightly 'fatter' charsiew if you prefer more tender and juiciness

Weng Kei Wantan Mee at Carnarvon Street

Weng Kei has been around for quite a few years. We chanced upon this place when we were strolling around Carnarvon street. This is by far one of the best roasted pork you can find in Penang. The charsiew is super tender and juicy. Their wantan mee (which is custom made according their recipes) is a heaven made match for the roasted meats. We can't remember how many times we find ourselve coming back to this place over and over for breakfast.

Weng Kei Wantan Mee
Weng Kei Wantan Mee - credit: @cheeyin.soh

Initially, the noodles were offered in two versions: chicken egg noodle or whole duck egg noodle.

Now, as we found out from the owner, Sam, they have ordered custom-made noodle (using their own secret recipes) from their vendor.

Their noodles are extremely springy; and the pairing of sauces is heavenly made.

Weng Kei Roasted Meat
Weng Kei Charsiew - credit: @raymundyeoh

We can only say: Sam really knows his things when it comes to perfectly roasted meats and delicious wantan mee.

Weng Kei Roasted Meat Rice
Weng Kei Roasted Meat Rice - credit: @luvlifelou

Besides serving the delicious noodle that we can’t stop talking about here, there are also roasted ducks and rice options available.

Weng Kei Roasted Meat (荣记烧腊)

Contact: +6016-3157009

Operating Hours: Open daily 7:30am - 2:30pm, Close on Wednesday

Address: 167A Lebuh Carnarvon 10100 George Town Penang

Facebook: Weng Kei Roasted Meat (荣记烧腊)

Wantan Mee has always been the favourite of many in Malaysia as a simple, quick and tasty meal.

This Cantonese noodle dish is sometimes called ‘Tok Tok Mee’ in certain states of Malaysia.

It can be served dried with a separate bowl of hot soup and wantan (dumplings) or in soup form where the noodles, soup, and dumplings in the same bowl.

Though it looks like a simple dish; there are many elements that lies within a good bowl of Wantan Mee.

First, to ensure the noodles are served springy and smooth, it has to be boiled in hot water for a right amount of time, just enough to get it cooked.

Then it’s taken out and put into a cold water bath that basically introduce some temperature shock to make them springy. And off again into the hot boiling water so that it can be served hot.

Garnishes like spring onions, leafy vegetables, wonton, and charsiew slices are then added into a bowl together with the springy noodles before soup (usually prepared from dried flounder) are poured in to serve.

As for the dried version; a watery based soy sauce and sesame oil are mixed together with the noodles and the same garnishes like meat dumplings, leafy vegetables, and charsiew slices are placed in together. Spring onions are then topped to further enhance its flavors.

Heads up! When it comes to food and experience, opinions varies from person to person. So please take ours with a pinch of salt.

Photo credit: @seikan